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Why Choose Dragon Breath For The Best Milkshake Ice-cream in Columbia

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

You scream, I scream, All for ice cream! Isn’t that true? Who doesn’t love ice cream, especially the sweet tooth? With the tasty tinge of grapes, peach, mango, raspberry, and so many other fruits, Dragon Breath is here to serve you with outstanding milkshakes and ice creams. Check out our shop’s excellent signature options. Why not pick your favorite ice-cream scoops from a huge sundae? If not a sundae, there’s another delicious option called ‘The Banana Split’ that tastes more than awesome with Hershey’s ice cream.

Given below are a few reasons why you should go for Dragon’s Breath ice-cream treats -

Top-Notch Quality

At Dragon's Breath, quality food ingredients are available to every customer at prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Ours is the Best ice cream shop in Columbia, and we started it in Columbia in 2017. We make the Best milkshake ice cream in Columbia. An innovative, yummy frozen treat is waiting to tease your taste buds. We, with our experienced team, have undergone extensive training processes to use liquid nitrogen equipment safely.

Let’s understand what liquid nitrogen gas is. It's a chemical element that’s been cooled to a liquid state and one of the safest things to consume. It’s been used in cooking for many years now.

Diverse Varieties Available

That’s not it! We offer yummy smoothies that are made from real fruits and tasty ingredients—banana split, sundaes, custard ice cream, milkshakes, and so much more. Dragon’s Breath is a local and family-owned business that offers great customer service.

Finger-licking Frozen Treats

Top-notch quality ingredients are used to make treats and proudly serve our customers. We have the highest quality and delicious Hershey's Ice Cream products, and our dedicated staff focuses on providing you the best experience ever. So, why not try our signature product at Dragon’s Breath?

Exciting enough? It’s time to stop scrolling, visit your favorite ice cream shop, and get an amazing treat for yourself and your loved ones!

Let’s get ready for all the ice-cream fun with Dragon Breath!

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